The launch phase is generally the shortest step in our process, but without it we couldn’t guarantee our success.

To begin, we will meet with you and any other stakeholders to talk about the role. We want to understand skills that are required, the style of leadership in your organization and where the position fits into the overall company plan. These are all critical to us finding you a candidate with the perfect fit.

It is also at this phase that we will develop our communication plan. We want to make sure that we are keeping you informed at the intervals that make sense to you. Before we begin our search, you will know when you will hear from us and when we expect to deliver results.

At the end of this stage, you will feel confident that we have an accurate picture of the position and how it fits into your organization.


Based on the finalized position profile, the Talent Discovery Team will develop a comprehensive search strategy that includes identifying candidates through key competitors, industry associations/partnerships and social media outlets.

Then the hunt is on. We will reach out to potential candidate to gauge interest and further spread word of the opportunity.

Throughout this phase, we will keep you in the loop based on the communication plan we developed during our launch.


Now that we have created a pool of candidates for the role, it is time for us to narrow the field.

After a review of the Candidates qualifications, we conduct behavioural-based interviews with those that seem to be the best fit. Where possible, these interviews are always done in person.

Based on our evaluations and our thorough understanding of the role, we narrow the pool down to a short-list of the top two or three candidates.

With this done, we will present to you the short-listed candidates, including a summary of each outlining their qualifications and fit. You can be assured that we will not present a candidate to you that doesn’t at least meet the minimum criteria for the role.


We will arrange for you to meet with each of the candidates. We will coordinate the interviews and make sure you are prepared for the meeting.

Once you are confident you have the information needed from each candidate to make a selection, we will help facilitate your decision process.

When you have made your choice, we will do the final references checks on this candidate, which will include at least two or three management level references.

With the references in order it is time to make an offer. We recommend that we work closely with you at this critical juncture. In a perfect scenario (which is our goal), we would have the negotiation done before the offer is presented. We are experts at being the go-between to make this happen.


Our process does not end when a candidate accepts your offer of employment. We want this new hire to be a long term addition to your team and we believe we can help achieve this.

We will stay in touch with you and the candidate at regular intervals throughout a period of three month of their employment. During these contacts, we are looking to understand performance, fit, training, progress, issues and challenges. Should their be concerns, we can help address them early so they can come to a successful resolution.